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Uttaranchal Irrigation Opinions Opinions of Distinguished Visitors

Opinions of Distinguished Visitors

Opinions of Distinguished Visitors:-

It was very great pleasure for me to visit and study the very interesting and high scientific level researches carried out in the laboratory.
Prof. Emil Mosonyi, Budapest Tech University.
Today has been my first opportunity to observe both the model research and the actual construction of large Indian Projects.
Peter Rogers, Harvard University.
It was a privilege and pleasure to see this important station.
J W Hilf, Chief (Designs), USBR, Colorado.
A very impressive water management project and one that surely has stood the test of time. It must rank among the greatest Irrigation undertakings in the world.
J F Kennedy, Chairman, IAHR.
Very interesting and useful experiments are in progress. The Director and staff deserves congratulations for their energetic and original approach in solving practical problems.
Dr K L Rao, Union Irrigation Minister.
This station needs to be developed as a centre of excellence in hydraulic model studies, particularly in view of the large hydropower potential of the Himalayan region.
A D Mohile, Chairman, Central Water Commission.
I am very pleased to see further development of the station since my last visit about three years back, very important researches are being carried out, which would lead to efficient and economical hydraulic structures, I wish the staff all success.
D.V. Joglekar, Director, CWPRS, Pune.
This Institute is very useful to the whole Nation.
Nitish Kumar, Union Railways Minister

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