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Uttaranchal Irrigation Achievements Hydroelectric Project Constructed on Yamuna River

Hydroelectric Project Constructed on Yamuna River

amuna hydroelectric project stage-I:

In this project, 516 meter in length barrage was constructed at Dakpathar on Yamuna River. It has a capacity of 198 cumecs. A 14.3 kms in length Power channel provided water to two powerhouses, i.e. Dhakrani and Dhalipur. The former has head of 19.3 meter with 33.75 MW and the later has capacity of 51 MW with 30.48-meter head.

All the works were completed in 1965 and 32 crores unit power is generated every year. Rs. 16.83 crores was spent on it.

Yamuna hydroelectric project stage-II, part one

59.25-meter high and 155 meter long concrete dam was built on Ichari area on Tons River, a tributary of Yamuna River. The water of Tons River was brought by a tunnel, which has 7 meter of diameter and a length of 6.2 kms, to Chibro. At Chibro a powerhouse of the capacity of 240 MW (4*60) was Installed.

This is the first effort made on an underground project in Himalayan region. Many challenges were faced in making of this much lengthy tunnel in rocky mountain by the engineers of Irrigation Department. Several innovations came into being which have been successfully adopted in similar projects in the country.

This project was completed in 1975 and power was generated. 81 crores of units is being generated ever year. The project cost came to Rs. 73.32 crores.
Yamuna hydroelectric project stage-II, part two

In this project the water coming out of Chibro powerhouse was taken to Khodri area by 7-metre diameter siphon tunnel with a length of 6.6 kms beneath Tons River.

A power house of 120 MW (4*30) capacity was constructed at Khodri power house, whose tail race meets Yamuna river at Dakpathar this project was completed in 1983 and power was generated in February 1984.

The total cost of project came to Rs. 65.15 crores and 37 crores of units are produced every year.
Yamuna hydroelectric project fourth phase, part one

In this project a 268 meter barrage was built on Asan river and water from Dhalipur power house was put in Asan river, and through 4 kms in length and 118 cumecs capacity Shakti river, the water was taken to Kulhal power house whose capacity is 30 MW.

The project work was completed in 1975. Total cost of project was Rs. 14.11 crores. 14 crores unit power is being produced every year.
Yamuna hydroelectricity project fourth phase, part two

In this project the water outlet of 118 cumecs from the tail race of Kulhal power house is been taken through 13.0 kms long power channel and 1.0 km in length of Twin tunnel, to Khara power house, whose Installed capacity is 33 crores unit of electricity per year.


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