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Uttaranchal Irrigation Field Research Station Field Research Station, Bahadrabad

Field Research Station, Bahadrabad

For hydraulic modelling of structures, a large Field Research Station has been setup at Bahadrabad, about 20 km from Roorkee enroute to Hardwar. Bahadrabad site was selected keeping in view the availability of open space along with abundance of gravitationally flowing water. The Field Research Station extends over an area of about 30 hectares.

The water requirement of Research Station is met by a gravity channel carrying 8.75 cumec discharge. This station has the capability of constructing and running large scale river valley project models. A class ‘B’ meteorological observatory is also maintained at Bahadrabad. Station comprises the following segments:

  • Hydraulics Laboratory
  • Experimental Shed
  • Model Trays
  • Meteorological Observatory

Hydraulic Laboratories:

Consists of two halls with a total floor area of 530 sq.m. There are three experiential flumes in the bigger hall, out of which one is a fixed steel flume, 20.3 m x 0.5 m with a 5 m long glass portion for visual observation of flow. there are two masonry flumes, 17.3 m. long, also provided with glass wall. There is tilting flume, 20 m x 0.4 m with glass walls in the other hall. Circulatory system of water supply with a flow of 200 liters per second under a drop of 5 meter and also for injecting clay at different concentrations are also available.

Experimental Shed:

Extending over a floor area of 3,600 square meter, is meant for taking up model studies during monsoons, when the outdoor model trays can not be used due to heavy concentration of silt in the canal water. A sump-cum-rating tank 122.5 m x 2.45m x 2.10 m and arrangements for a cirulatory flow of 550 liter per second with a gross head of 9 metre and provided in the shed. There is a provision for gravity flow of water through another rating tank 49.2 m x 1.55 m x 2.33m. Besides a 80 m x 0.6m x 0.7m tilting flume is also available for carrying cout critical tractive force studies.

Model Trays:

There are two model trays, measuring 11 and 15 hectares, east and west of the experimental shed. Provision for water is made from a feeder, with discharge of 5.7 cumec and a drop of 2.3 to 5.5 meter, which takes off from the Upper Ganga Canal.

Meteorological Observatory:

Field Research Station has a class B Meteorological Observatory. Apart from up-to-date meteorological equipment, special features of the observatory are a series of evaporation pane and wind velocity measurement tower.

Important Studies:
Hydraulic modelling and laboratory tests were carried out for the following Projects

  1. Tehri Dam Project(UA).
  2. Yamuna Hydroelectric Project Stage- I and Stage-II(UA).
  3. Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Stage- I and Stage-II(UA).
  4. Chilla Hydroelectric Project(UA).
  5. Srinagar Hyrdoelectric Project(UA).
  6. Vishnuprayag Hydroelectric Project(UA).
  7. Lakhwar Vyasi Hydroelectric Project(UA).
  8. Jamrani Dam Project(UA).
  9. Khara Hydroelectric Project(UA).
  10. Modernisation of Upper Ganga Canal Project(UP).
  11. Madhya Ganga Canal Project(UP).
  12. Eastern Ganga Canal Project(UP).
  13. Sharda Sahayak Project(UP).
  14. Saryu Canal Project(UP).
  15. Chambal Dal Canal Project(UP).
  16. Giri Hydroelectric Project (HP).
  17. Bhabha Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  18. Ganvi Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  19. Baggi Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  20. Rontong Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  21. Nathpa Jhakri Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  22. Baspa Hyrdoelectric Project (HP).
  23. Saurashtra Branch Canal, Surendra Nagar (Gujrat).
  24. Proposed Road Bridge on Kosi River, Kursela (Bihar).
  25. Tirhut Canal (Bihar).
  26. Rajasthan and Sarhind Feeder Channel (Rajasthan).
  27. Sukri Weir (Rajasthan).
  28. Bridge siting at Passi Ghat of Siang River.
  29. Bridge siting at Lohit River (N.E.F.A.).
  30. Bridge siting near Tezpur at Brahamputra River.
  31. Bridge siting near Dehing at Rashtriya Marg No. 37 (Assam).
  32. Western Yamuna Canal (Haryana).
  33. Ghaggar Bridge siting in Panchkula.
  34. Energy dissipator of Hydroelectric Project at Kalpong (Andman-Nikobar).
  35. Water Management Scheme at Greater Shillong (Meghalaya).
  36. Railway Bridge at Ganga River Near Garhmukteshwar (Indian Railways).

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