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Uttaranchal Irrigation Our Vision Computerised Draughting Facility

Computerised Draughting Facility

A CAD Work Station was established at the organisation in the year 1990 with the basic purpose of developing computer draughting facility. The Centre is the first of its kind in the combined U.P. and uttarakhand Irrigation Department to start preparing computerised technical drawings. More than 300 drawings have been prepared with the computers.

Administrative Setup:

The Academy is headed by its Chief Engineer and Director. All officers and officials of the Academy are under the administrative control of the Director.

There is a provision of an Administrative Advisory committee for the consideration and decision and administrative matters of the Academy. The committee consists of:
1. Secretary, Irrigation` Chairman
2. Secretary, P.W.D Member
3. Secretary, Finance or his nominee Member
4. Secretaty, Planning or his nominee Member
5. Special Secretary, Irrigation Member
6. Chief, Irrigation Deptt Member
7. Engineer, P.W.D Member
8. Director, State Engineers Academy, Kalagarh Member Secretary
The Director is assisted by an Additional Director and a Deputy Director in administrative matters. All posts in the Academy have been declared as Ex-Cadre vide G.O.No. 1555-2/81-23-Irrigation-2-109/80, dated 4-7-81.

Fabrication of Hydro-mechanical Equipments (Govt. Workshop, Roorkee):

The workshop was incepted in 1843 at Roorkee during the construction of the Upper Ganga Canal, the largest artificial stream in the world at that time. It also served as an Army Workshop during war in 1903. The workshop was handed over to U. P. Irrigation Department in 1953. Since then, many prestigious works for fabrication and erection of hydro-mechanical equipments have been successfully completed for various important Irrigation and power projects. The workshop also earned the foreign exchange by export assignment of Rolling Gas Turbine Casing as per specifications of M/S SIEMENS, Germany, entrusted by BHEL, Hardwar.

Facilities Available :-
The worksop has three fabrication shops, two machine shops, plate bending shop equipped for heavy and light fabrication, forge and foundry shop, pattern shop, etc.
Machine Shop Capacity
1. Universal Milling Machine 250 and 900 mm
2. Vertical Milling Machine 300 mm
3. Horizontal Milling Machine 350 mm
4. Turret and Capston Lathe     Machine 900 mm
5. Centre Lathe Machine 6 mm � 12 mm
6. Vertical Boring Machine 700 mm
7. Horizontal Boring Machine 300 mm
8. Duplex Boring Machine 450 mm
9. Planner Machine
10. Shaper
i) Horizontal 600 mm
ii) Vertical 300 mm
11. Gear Hobbing Machine 500 and 2000 mm
12. Central Grinding Machine 150 and 325 mm

Foundry & Black Smithy Shop

1. Coupola 3 and 5 MT
2. Electric Furnace
3. Mold Making Machine
4. Air Compressors
5. Blowers
6. Power Hammer 3 and 10 Cwt.

Pattern Shop

1. Band Saw 14 and 24 mm
2. Wood Planner
3. Turning Lathe
Fabrication Shop
1. E.O.T. Crane 5 and 10 MT
2. Punching Machine 40 and 70 MT
3. Shearing Machine
4. Centre Lathe
5. Single and Double Lead     Welding Transformer
6. Hydraulic Jack
7. Plate Welding Machine 25 mm
8. Radial Drill machine
9. Welding Machine
10. Jack 100 MT
11. Overhead Crane 10 MT
12. HMT Radial Drill machine
13. Welding generator set
14. Pug cutting machine

Plate Bending Shop
1. Hydraulic plate bending machine (conical bending,     pre- prinching, pre-rolling)
2. Submerged Arc Welding Boom with Automatic Welding     Rectifier
3. Miller D.C. Arch Welder with Welding Control
4. Piper Rotator
5. Welding Machine
6. Pug Machine
7. X-Ray Machine
8. E.O.T. Crane 10 MT Capacity


Jobs Executed:-
The important jobs completed include :

1.Mini climbing crane 1000kg capacity
2. Gate size 18 m x 5 m Dakpathar Barrage, UPID
3. Gate size 18 m x 5.5 m Ahsan Barrage, UPID
4. Hydro Mechanical Equipments Dhakrani/Dhalipur Power House, UPID/UPSEB
5. Hydro Mechanical Equipments Ramganga Barrage, UPID
6. Gate size 18 m x 6 m Okhla Barrage, UPID
7. Hydro Mechanical Equipments Badarpur Power House, Delhi
8. Gate size 18 m x 6 m Gomti Barrage, UPID
9. Gates & Penstocks Yamuna Hydro Electric Project UPID/UPSEB
10. Gate size 7M x 3 m Eastern Ganga Canal, UPID
11. Gates & Penstocks Maneri Bhali stage I & II UPID/UPSEB
12. Equipments for Gas Turbine BHEL Hardwar (Export Assignment)
13. Hydro Mechanical Equipments Triveni Structures Ltd., Allahabad.
14. Bye-pass Gates NHPC, Tanakpur.
15. Equipments for Gas Turbines BHEL, Hardwar.
16. Fabrication of Equipments for U. P. Agro Products Ltd.
Paper Machinery
17. Gate size 8M X 5 M Upper Ganga Canal Modernisation Project.

Works carried out during 2005-06

1.Fabrication of  various elements
a.  Tail race Gates
b. Intake Gates
c. Forebay Gates
d. Draft Tube Gates
e. Stoplog Gates
f. Trash Racks
g. Stacking Pit Rolling and fabrication of
Penstock Steel Liners
Maneri Bhali Stage-II Project
2. Rolling of Segments for Turbine and Generator BHEL, Hardwar.
3. Repair work of Flushing Conduit Gates and
fabrication of Trash racks
Ichari Dam Project
4. Repair work of Runner Chamber Pathari Power House
5. Manufacturing of Spares for Closure Works Dakpathar and Ahsan Barrage

Mini Climbing Crane of 1000 kg capacity fabricated at Workshop
Intake Gates for Khara Hydro-electric Project 70 mm thick Plate of hot roll for Paper Plant, U.P. Agro Ltd.
Gates and Hoisting Arrangement at Dakpather Barrage Gas Turbine Job for BHEL, Hardwar
Radial Gates for Upper Ganga Canal Modernisation Project Erection Work on Cross Regulator, Upper Ganga Canal Modernisation Project

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