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Power is an essential part without which the society can not survive. Among Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro power, the last one has taken a lead. It is cheap,non- polluting, renewable and above all environment friendly.

In 1897, first power station utilising hydro potential was built near Darjeeling. The then undivided Uttar Pradesh took initiative in 1914 by constructing 2 X 500 KW power plant in the first stage at Galogi near Mussoorie.

Tapping of the hydro potential of Uttarakhand means catering the needs of the State as well as the country, bringing in revenue as well as generating employment.

The Irrigation Department of the then undivided Uttar Pradesh and newly carved out State of Uttarakhand has proved to be pioneers in construction of all kinds of water harnessing engineering projects.

Civil Works of Hydroelectric projects constitute about 70% of the total cost of these projects, which is undertaken by Uttaranchal Irrigation Department India. Uttaranchal Irrigation Department has expertise of investigation, planning, construction and maintenance of Hydro Electric projects. The existing chain of powerhouses on river Yamuna and Ganga stands in support of it.